Giveaway Rules

After much thought and condideration I have come up with a way to have fun with the Giveaways. Below I have listed how you can enter, how many times and what you need to do to increase your chances of winning.

Be a Follower
Become a follower of my blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and your name will automatically be entered each time there is a drawing. Please send me an email telling me that you have become a follower, email me at You can also find the links in the upper right corner of the blog in the Follow Me section. That was easy!

Each time there is a giveaway, tweet about it by using the appropriate hashtag that will be provided, and tag me, @thepinksenorita.

Pin the giveaway item using the hashtag provided and making sure that the pin has the correct link back to the blog post.

Post the picture of the giveaway, again using the hashtag provided, tag me @thepinksenorita.

Become a Fan
This is really easy to do. All you have to do is become a fan of my Facebook page and you will automatically be entered each time there is a Giveaway. Search for The Pink Senorita on FB and Like!

Refer a Friend
When you refer a friend to my blog and they become a follower your name will be entered into the drawing. The friend must post a comment about the current giveaway (see Comments below)  and send me an email letting me know that they are now a follower and were referred by you (please see Be a Follower for email address). So refer as many friends to increase your chances!!

This is a really easy way to be entered. Each time there is a Giveaway I will ask a question on what you would do with the items, by posting a comment your name will be entered into the drawing.

Guest Hosts
When there is guest hosting a giveaway you will be directed to check out their blog and to be a follower. If they have a Facebook page you will need become a fan, also if they have a shop go to their shop link and look at what they have and let us know what you like from the shop and comment back on this blog.

By following these simple ways to enter a Giveaway you increase your chances of winning. Each giveaway offer will be open for 2 weeks and at the end of the 2 weeks I will pull out a name and then I will post the winner on my blog and Facebook page. I will also send the winner an email letting them know that they have won, so that I can send them their AWESOME Prize!!  I hope you enjoy what is being offered and have fun!!

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