Thursday, June 1, 2017

Current Skincare Products

Today I wanted to share with you what I've been using on my face in my skincare routine.

The products I'm going to share with you have become my go to items and I'm loving how they work on my face.


Each of these have done wonders to remove my makeup each night. From left to right right: doterra Facial Cleanser, Younique Pore Purifying Cleanser, Target Up&Up Apricot Cleansing Wipes, H2O+ Face Cleanser.

I like to alternate the facial cleansers, it works for me, but I know that not everyone can do that. But first I like to start with a cleansing wipe to remove the majority of my makeup. I found the apricot wipes at Target and I love them! There's also a cucumber one. What's greats about the wipes is that they exfoliate at the same time so you get more of the makeup off than with just a regular cleansing wipe.

Once I've gone over my face with a wipe, I then like to make sure all the makeup is off by going back with a facial cleanser. I love each of the 3 above. The doterra one is infused with essential oils that are great for washing the face, such as Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) and Peppermint. It leaves my skin refreshed from the peppermint. Younique's Pore Purifying Cleanser is very gentle on the skin. It does have small exfoliating beads but it's not abrasive. Sometimes you just need that extra exfoliation to make sure you got all that dirt and makeup off from the day. The last cleanser I got in one of my ipsy bags, but you can find it Ulta. I will have to go soon to get a new one as this was a trial size and it's almost out! It's also a very gentle cleanser that leaves your skin hydrated.


Not everyone thinks to use a toner after you've washed your face with the cleanser. Toners help rebalance your skin, check out this article for more information. I love these 2 toners! The Pore Reducing Toner from doterra helps your pores, as you can directly apply it to your face with a cotton ball. It's infused with essential oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and German Chamomile. It also helps soothe the skin after you've scrubbed and washed. Younique's toner is a Rose Water Spritz, that is amazing!! Not only does it smell great but it refreshes and hydrates your skin. It's gentle and won't leave your skin irritated.


I'm loving these 3 products! I use the doterra Hydrating Cream only in the morning, because it's a light cream moisturizer. It's infused with essential oils that help keep the skin hydrated. At night I like to alternate between Tarte's Maracuja Oil and Younique's Renewing Day Cream. I love the feel of the maracuja oil. I received a sample size in my ipsy bag one month and fell in love. It will last a while before you need to replenish, which is good because it's not a cheap face oil! You're probably wondering why I use a day cream at night and I will tell you why. The day cream from Younique is a thick formula because it has an SPF of 20 in it. I can't use thick creams during the day as I feel my makeup will feel thick on my skin. I have oily skin and have to be careful of creams with an SPF in it, I will break out. At night it's perfect as I have thoroughly washed my face and it could use extra moisture as I sleep.

Face Masks

Face masks are fun to use! As you can see I have several. The Que Bella and the SpaLife masks I found at Target. The Que Bella has 2 types, a cream mask or a sheet mask. I love the smell and feel of them. The SpaLife are only sheet masks. When I use them my little girls tell me I look funny with it on, but boy do they feel good. I like to use face masks at least once a week. I also like how the doterra Mud Mask feels. It's a detox masks that is amazing! It just came out last year and it's the best! In addition to the mud and sheet masks, I have a charcoal mask from Younique. It's also a detox mask that works wonders. Once you've applied it, it will bubble and tingle. Such a fun feeling as it's drying.


Serums is last on the list. As I get older I'm seeing the fine lines starting to appear. Eek! Well these 2 products are amazing. The Tightening Serum from doterra is refreshing and cooling as you apply it to the areas the need it most. For me that is just under my eyes. It's infused with essential oils of Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Myrrh. It has an amazing smell too! It has a small pump for easy application. Next is the Instant Lifting Serum from Younique. I love this serum and a little goes a long way! This serum is infused with vitamins and plant extracts.

Sorry this was a long post but I had to share all these amazing products with you! I hope you see something you like.

The links I have provided are to my Essential Oil and Younique websites for easy shopping and browsing.

Additionally, the facial cleanser for Younique and doterra come in sets for more savings. The links are below:

Younique Clean Slate
Essential Skincare

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