Thursday, October 13, 2016

Big NEWS!!

Hey friends!! I have some Big and Exciting news to share with you!! No, not pregnant (at least not yet) *wink, wink*.

I'm very excited to announce that I made the decision to join the Younique team last month. I know, I should have announced this sooner, but life and vacations kind of got in the way of my big announcement, but if you follow me on FB and/or Instagram, you've probably seen some posts of me showing off my lovely face with what I'm wearing on it. hehe

I was first introduced to Younique by friends and being invited to their online parties. I ordered the 3D mascara and loved it. But then contacted one of those friends, and asked if I could be color matched for the liquid foundation. I love this foundation! She was talking me about the business, I told her I would think about it. Well a weeks goes by and I tell her I want to do it! What?! another thing on plate, she was over the moon. She's been an awesome leader getting me started.

If you look at the top to my tabs I have my new Younique tab up! I will have links to videos of make up tutorials, and I will also be sharing some tips. I also have a VIP group on FB if want to hear of amazing deals going on, or special sneak peaks! Leave me a comment below, find me on FB and I will make sure to add you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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