Monday, October 13, 2014

Be Prepared - October

So how did you all do last month in collecting salt? I was able to get sea salt from the bulk bin at my local WinCo and filled up an extra pint sized jar. I also got some Epsom salt for wounds. I also got regular table salt, which is totally cheap.

Well this month it’s all about lights and fuel. Candles, flashlight, matches, batteries, etc.
Did you know that you can make your own emergency candles? I’m all about saving money and making things, so this is something that I’m going to do. There are a few different kinds that you can make but I will share a couple that would be most popular.
Here are 2 different types of homemade emergency candles you can make and store.
Wax Candles – This looks like fun

Liquid Paraffin Candles – I think that I might try this one
You can also buy them if you decide to go that route. Emergency Essentials always has a good deal going on to make it easy to purchase emergency items. *I’m an affiliate for Emergency Essentials so by clicking on the link and purchasing something from them helps my earnings.*

When you see batteries on sale buy them and stock up. Get all different kinds b/c you never know what you’ll need. From triple A to a watch battery, it’s good to have them on hand. We’re lucky over here b/c my husband gets them for free from work. He is always bringing home batteries.

As for your fuel get a few gas buckets and store them in a safe place. Here is a great post from The Ready Store regarding the storage of fuel and how to do it.
Good Luck! Remember if don’t get everything on the list don’t worry, get it in next month.

Here is the link for the full October file.

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