Sunday, May 4, 2014

Be Prepared - May

I can't believe that it's already MAY!!! How did you all do last month in collecting seeds for a garden? Did you get to plant the garden? How about soap? I was able to make laundry soap and dishwasher soap. I will post the recipe for the dishwasher soap in my printables tab later.

This month's emergency prepardness is to gather all of your legal and important documents into one place. Along with that fun items to keep your family entertained during a disaster or emergency when shall I say it, there may not be any electricity!? GASP! What?!

Have fun with this one. Find games that your family would enjoy, or some quiet activities such as coloring books, books to read.

Our food storage goal is collect water. Water is more essential than food. You can survive a few days without food but only a couple days without water.

Here are some ideas to store water.

Canning - why didn't I think of that before? You can can water just like you would food. Check out this blog for quick tip on doing it. CLICK HERE

Bottled water -  the easy way, buying cases of it from the grocey store. Just remember to rotate it as it may evaporate over time.

Bottling it yourself. - I have large plastic containers of water in my pantry labled. At the time I was buying a lot of Hawaiian Punch and saving those bottles. Milk jugs will work just the same. Store them in a cool dark place.

Water Pouches - You can get these at any emergency prepardness site. Emergency Essentials has a pretty good select of prepackaged water.

Water Barrels -  these are to catch rain water. Here in Arizona it would take awhile to fill one as it doesn't rain that much here. But if you live in an area were rainfull is abundant, take advantage of that. Be sure to keep purification tablets on hand for this kind of water.

Good Luck! Here is May prepardness file to print.

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