Saturday, September 28, 2013

My first Heat Transfer with the Silhouette Cameo

I'm super excited to introduce you to the newest and first memeber The Pink Senorita team!! I had been thinking for a long time to grow my brand and figured the best way to do was to create a crafty team for my blog. Well I finally did it!! April and I met at work. It took awhile for us to realize that we both loved crafting and since then we have become friends. We are always creating things for work and it doesn't go un-noticed. Our co-workers really appreciate it! So with out further delay April has a fun Silhouette craft that she wants to share with all of your for her debut!!

Hi my name is April.  I love to create, bake, read, go to the movies and spend time with family and friends.  Speaking of friends, Danesa and I came to be friends while working together at our full time jobs.  Danesa introduced me to the Glitter Academy and I am hooked!  Then it was time to buy the Silhouette...this leads us to today.

Ever get that feeling that all you want to do is create?  Well my Silhouette offers so many options it's hard to pick just one.  While roaming Pinterest for some pinsperation  I came across Sarah's World and took my queue from her blog.  Loved her background and adding my name to my cover but I wanted to tailor it for my addiction (clearing throat here) I mean passion for coffee.

My finished product:

The flourish parts I downloaded from Silhouette Studios and the coffee cup with the heart I found from Vinyl Craze I altered it a bit to suite my taste.  Cute huh?  Yes, yes I just love coffee who needs water anyway.  :-)

I originally thought I wanted a soft grey with my pink and white but I am glad I opted for the sparkle black.  I think the sparkle added just the right amount of bling and makes a really, really cute cover.

For all of you out there worrying about your first heat transfer, get going and let your creativity lead you.  This heat transfer was super easy and I am just thrilled with my finished product.  If you think you need a practice run use an old t-shirt or an article of clothing you don't care about, at least until you are comfortable.....but really you don't need one.  Now that I have done this once I have confidence for all the future projects I have in mind....I love looking at my Silhouette dust cover!

Thanks April for you fun first post!! I can't wait to see more of your creative projects that you do. Yes it is true she is coffee lover!! You can also follow April and her projects on her Pinterest board My Creations.

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