Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zulily Wishlist

Did you know that you can create a wishlist on Zulily? Find items that you like and then add them to your wishlist for later if you're not ready to buy them! Check out my 5 top items that I found on Zulily!

Zulily Wishlist

To create your own wishlist visit Zulily today!

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Shop Spotlight - Beautiful Swag

I have another shop spotlight to share this week!!

Today's spotlight is for Beautiful Swag Store. I will let Sam Barrett take it over from here.

My name is Swag or Sam depending on who is calling my name. I started making small gifts for my family friends. They encouraged me to start selling my items for possibly a small profit.

I love to be active from running with my husband on a date to doing martial arts with my kids. Its a time I truly cherish because I don't focus on my problems or taking back from God what I gave him to deal with.

Character traits of a student council from the book series. I just loved what certain letters stood for.

I sell handmade home d├ęcor and party decoration, sequin beaded ornaments, handmade appliques & embellishments, diy destash supplies, and hair accessories with a focus on athletes and weddings.

I have been open for three years.

We are currently have a relocation liquidation sale of 40% off by using coupon code SPRING.

Here are a couple things that are sold at Beautiful Swag.

Black White Butterfly Napkin Rings Food Tents
Black and White Butterfly Napkin Ring
Orange White Easter Egg Beaded Sequins Ornament
Orange White Easter Egg

You can follow Sam and the Beautiful Swag Store below.
Google+: Beautiful Swag Store
Twitter: Beautiful Swag Store
Pinterest: Beautiful Swag Store

Thanks Sam for sharing! Be sure to check out her shop!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zulily Sales

Good morning! I hope that you all had a great Memorial weekend. My family and I sure did! I wanted to share with some fantastic sales going over at Zulily this week.

This week through 5/31, zulily will offer great sales like Summer Swimwear: $14.99 & Under, Fergalicious by Fergie – up to 65% off, Mia Bossi & dapperbag – up to 50% off and many more! Only members can shop zulily events, but membership is free and signing up is quick and easy. Don't miss your chance to shop today!

Click here ( to access these awesome deals.

Tuesday, May 28th

Fergalicious by Fergie – up to 65% off
Mia Bossi & dapperbag – up to 50% off
Leveret – from $8.99
HOTmilk – up to 70% off
College Boys - up to 70% off
Plus-size apparel - up to 60% off
Sweaty Bands – from $9.99

Happy Shopping!!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shop Spotlight - Gooba Gear

Hey there! It's been awhile since I've done a shop spotlight! Today I want to introduce a really cute Etsy shop Gooba Gear. This shop has some really cute items for girls and moms! Here is Jaime.
Download P1050781.JPG (91.3 KB)
My name is Jaime Walsh and I am the shop owner and creator of Gooba Gear! During the day I teach elementary music in Roanoke, Virginia. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from James
Madison University and a Master’s of the Arts degree with a concentration in Music Theory from Radford University. My first love has always been music, but I have always had a passion for anything creative. I have been making crafts for as long as I can remember, but my mom taught me to sew my first year teaching so I could make costumes for our school’s musical productions. It was at that point I fell in love with sewing.

I’m married to my wonderful husband Bob and we live in a beautiful home we built ourselves in Roanoke.We always joke about the fact that Bob is from Chicago and I am from New Jersey, but we had to come to Virginia to meet. We have a little girl who is three years old who has become the love of both our lives. She is so funny, sweet, snuggly, sassy, and full of life. She is truly a joy! I was inspired to open my etsy store when I started making clothes for my little “Gooba.” One thing led to another and I had a whole shops worth of items! Sewing for me has become a great outlet for me to relieve stress, be creative, and have a persona other than “mommy” even if it is just for a few minutes here or there.
My shop name was inspired by my little girl. Her Daddy just started calling her Gooba when she was
a chunky little baby and the name just stuck. It seemed only appropriate to name my shop after her!

I sell clothing and accessories for toddler girls as well as purses for Mom too. I make everything for girls from skirts and dresses to hair accessories and purses. I make dance wear like tutus, tutu bags,
legwarmers, and princess inspired dress up aprons. I make Mommy and Me purses and crayon rolls as well. A little bit of everything girly I guess!
I have been open a little less than a year. I opened up shop in August of 2012.

Check out her shop! Here are a few items that she sells.

Little Girl's Ruffle Sundress - Orange, Maroon, and Yellow Flowers
Ruffle Sundress


Dress Up Apron - Snow White
Dress Up Apron Snow White

I love it!

You can follow Jaime on Facebook and Twitter:
FB: Gooba Gear
Twitter: Gooba Gear

Thanks Jaime for sharing!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

New Affiliate - Zulily

I'm now an affiliate for Zulily!! They always have the cutest stuff for kids, but it is always changing. So when you see something to you have to act quickly or else it's gone. Come check it out!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Recipe of the Week - Broccoli Salad

Now that it's getting warmer I'm not so inclined to cook in the kitchen. So I made a super yummy broccoli salad and paired it with a rotissarie chicken from the grocery store. Here is the recipe, it's really easy.

- broccoli cut into florets (as many as you need to feed your family)
- halved cashews
- bacon bits
- chopped red onion (to taste)
- poppy seed dressing

Mix everything together and you get a yummy salad.


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Monday, May 6, 2013

Cricut Project - Tags

At work we had an event in which I was given the task, because I have a fun cutting machine the Cricut, to make super cute tags for our participation candy bags. I was totally excited to do this little project!! So I set out to make sample tags that I had available from my Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. I narrowed it down to my favorite one and set out to design. I had to cut them out of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, that's what was given to me. Here is how I laid them out.

I laid them out to cut on my 12x24 mat, much faster to cut muliple items. I won't lie, I did hit a couple of snags with a couple sheets of paper, laid out on the wrong lines. Ooops!! Easy fix and then I was back in business. I think that they turned out pretty good!

Then we glued our fun little phrase that coorelated to our event and tied them to the candy bags. Overall I think that they turned out super cute when it was all put together!!

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