Monday, February 25, 2013

Eating Better

Matt had me watch some shows about the food industry and our society and how the things were are eating are contributing to bad habits and unhealthy bodies. Well after watching those shows we decided to try to eat better by decreasing our meat intake and increase our intake of veggies and fruits. Well so far so good. We've done it for a week and making meatless meals for a week are easy! I still have those frozen meals that are mainly chicken and I will use them from time. My grocery trip was much lighter on my wallet. Scott, my son, loves the meals that I've made and gobbles them right up. :) I love that the meals take have the time than they did if there was a meat involved. I wanted to share with you some recipes that I've found, Pinterest is wonderful thing! Here is my Pinterest board Meatless Meals for some inspiration.

 photo fb18144b-e71f-461c-8227-67be560ccacf_zps6b3a357f.png

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