Saturday, January 5, 2013

Freezer Meals

As one of my new years goals I wanted to be better at having dinner done instead of coming home and browsing through the pantry and fridge to throw dinner together. As a working mom somedays I just don't feel like doing anything from a long day at the office. So I got my act together this year and have decided that at least once a month I will use a Saturday morning to prep freezer/ crock pot meals for a couple of weeks. Today was a success! Last night I did my grocery shopping so that I could be ready this morning to get busy. Here is my loot!

All of this took me 3 hours! Out of 7 recipes I made 13 meals!! I have 2 sets of chicken meals, 2 sets of pork meals, 3 pasta meals and 1 set of beef. I found the recipes through Pinterest that lead me to other blogs.

Here is a list of what I actually made.

- Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (found at Six Sisters Stuff)
- Black Bean Taco Soup ( found at Six Sister Stuff)
- BBQ Ribs (found at Six Sisters Stuff) *just a tip for this recipe double bag the ribs b/c the bones will poke small holes in the bags*
- BBQ Pulled Pork (found at The Sweaty Betties) * I used a large pork loin and cut it in half so that it would fit in to the bag and it made 2 meals*
- Stuffed Shells *I had extra shells so I stuffed them and put them into a bag*
- Baked Pasta *I used the Ricotta mixture from the stuffed shells and mixed in*
- Teriyaki Chicken (found at Ring Aroung the Rosies)

I'm excited that I did this and I won't have to 'make' dinner for a few days! I've also pinned a lot of other recipes that I will be trying in the coming months. Come check out my Food board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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