Thursday, April 19, 2012

Melaleuca Testimonial

As some of you may know or don't know, my husband and I have signed up with Melaleuca to be distributors as a small side venture for extra income. I haven't been as active promoting as I should have because I wanted to be sure that we had tried as much of the products before sharing. Well it's now April and we have been using the products since August and really love them! In fact they are really good products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Okay now here's my personal testimonial.

A few nights ago my son had a bloody nose and ended up getting his sheets, pillow and comforter with blood. Ugh!! As we all know blood is not easy to remove and usually will leave a residual stain even after washing and using a spot treatment. I have been using Melaleuca's Prespot treatment spray for regular foods stains and it does a good job getting those out. So I thought well now is a good time to test to see if it will get blood out. I saturated everwhere that had a blood stain, threw it into the wash on a presoak cycle and let it do its thing. After the wash cycle was over I inspected every inch of the sheets and didn't find one trace of blood!! Not one!! I couldn't believe it I was super excited about that! Now my son has stainfree sheets and pillow!

This product by far has exceed my expectations! I have thrown on my Shout spray and will use this spray from now on!

** Just as a side note the picture above is the concetrate bottle, you mix it in a spray bottle with water (picture below).**

This is the spray bottle you use to mix with.

If you want to learn more about these amazing products send me an email and I would be more than happy to share more!!

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LaShonda said...

Wow! I remember when I joined Melaleuca in 2002... My husband had a old shirt that he had years before we met. It had a awful spot on it. I did not know that the spot was years old and I proceeded to launder it using PreSpot on the stain.The next week, my husband came to me and told me that he was unable to get the spot out years ago. We were both astonished at how awesome Melaleuca's products are. I love them all. I am always happy to see others love these products as much as I do. I don't think that they could produce a product that I did not like. lol

My friends and I would always joke about how excited we would get when our Melaleuca box arrived, it felt like christmas Day!


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