Monday, October 10, 2011

PB Knock-off Ghosts Tutorial

I got my new Pottery Barn catalog a few weeks ago, the kid costume edition and was flipping through it and found these cute ghosts.

Cute right, but I wasn't willling to pay the price since I could make them for WAY cheaper. I mean really it's just styrofoam balls and gauze fabric.

So armed with my Joann, Michael and Hobby Lobby coupons, I headed over to Joann's to get what I needed. Here is a short tutorial on how to make these cute ghosts.


- 3 styrofoam balls (small, medium and large)
- black acrylic paint
- 2 1/2 yards gauze fabric
- invisble thread
- modge podge
- paint brushes

(Some of the other supplies are for another project that I will be sharing later this week.)

First I traced out where I wanted to paint the eyes.

Here are the eyes painted on. Very simple.

Next I laid out the fabric and cut into thirds, so that it was about even for each ghost. Then I modge podged the the fabric onto the styrofoam. Then I cut my thread into varying lengths and then put a needle through the knot and dipped into glue, so that it won't come out.

Here is what the ghosts look like after they are all done. Forgive the little boy with the irritated look on face, haha. He didn't want to help me out too much.

Here are the ghosts hanging up in my front porch. I love it!

Have fun, and happy haunting!

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