Monday, October 17, 2011

Bat Tutorial

I'm so excited to share with another Halloween tutorial! This one was a fun project that took a little longer to do than I had expected. Oh well! I turned out super cute!


- styrofoam balls, different sizes
- black foam
- bat wing template
- black glitter
- black paint
- paint brush
- modge podge
- white felt
- googlie eyes
- paper glue
- scissors
- pins
- clear thread

First I started out by painting half of the styrofoam balls and placed them on plastic cups to dry.  (for me since I started it the evening I left them over night to dry)

After the paint dried on one end I painted the other and let that dry.

While the paint was drying on the balls I cut out my bat wings from the black foam. Then I modge podged them first one side and sprinkled the glitter on it.

I glued and glittered both sides of the wings. I had 5 bats so that was 10 wings that I glittered! Crazy I know! In the words of my co-worker "Ewwy glitter!" haha Not really but it did get a little messy.

While the wings were drying I took the balls and cut out small rectangles so that I had a place to glue the wings into. I placed the wings into the holes and then pinned them for durability.

Next it was time to add the fangs and the eyes! I glued down the eyes. Then I cut out the fangs from the white felt and glued them on. Doesn't he look scary? haha

Then I cut different lengths of the clear thread, and tied a knot at the end. Then I used a pin and slipped it through the knot, dipped into the glue and stuck it into the top of the bat. Voila! You now have scary flying bats on your front porch!

Have Fun!

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