Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recipe: Ice Cream Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago at work we had a Cup Cakes War for our United Way Campaign for the month and I particiapted. The receipe I choose I found on Pinterest here and was inspired by this. It is an Oreo cake batter that is to die for! Unfortunately I didn't win but came close. It was favorite amongst the judges. I wanted to share with you how I went about making these Ice Cream Cupcakes.

To hold up the cones I cut up an aluminum baking pan, laid it flat on top of my muffin pan and then cut holes on top of each muffin slot.

Next I filled up the cones with my batter. (I followed the recipe's directions)

This is how they came out. It raised just enough to be able to frost them.

The final product!

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 photo fb18144b-e71f-461c-8227-67be560ccacf_zps6b3a357f.png

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