Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: Poppy Seed Fabrics

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kim from Poppy Seed Fabrics! She is so creative and loves to sew. Her fabric shop is stocked full of fun and cute fabrics that can get an imagination rolling! So without further adieu here she is!

HI I am Kim over from Poppyseed Fabrics, we are online fabric shoppe over on and have been sending out orders for over two years. We carry a varitey of modern fabric from the most popular designers. Our shoppe is also stocked with a variety of trims, patterns and a wide selection of Japanese import fabrics from top designer Echino Ni-co among others.

We also have a great blog that provides updates on new fabric arrivals, fabric giveaways and discount codes, please stop by and see us some time,

We provide our customers with great service and speedy shipping. We are more then happy to help you put together a custom bundle or answer any questions you might have.

I'm so happy to be here today and share with you this fun and easy picnic blanket tutorial just in time for the summer. It is made out of our new Japanese purple elephant nylon fabric, which we are totally in love with. Enjoy this tutorial and I hope you make one for your self.

Easy Purple Nylon Elephant Picnic blanket Tutorial:

Yippee! Summer has definitely arrived for us here in Vegas. Time to break out the sunscreen, water bottles and picnic blankets.

As soon as I got in this Japanese purple elephant nylon fabric in, I knew a picnic blanket was in it's future. The great thing about this fabric is that its extra wide so it's perfect for a picnic blanket.

Here is what measurements I used, yours would change if you want it longer. Also make sure you choose a dark print for your top fabric so it won't show dirt as fast.

elephant nylon: 1 yd 42" found HERE
coordinating fabric little shorter than nylon: 1 yd 40" I used Tiny town in black found HERE
Coordinating thread
straight pins
sewing machine, scissors etc.


First thing you want to do once your fabric is cut and ready to go is on each side ( 4 sides) find the middle and mark with a pin.

Now do this again to your top fabric and set aside. Take the elephant fabric and lay on a open space with the WRONG side up.

Take your top fabric and lay on top of your elephants with the RIGHT side up, like so.

Make sure to match up your pins from both fabric sides

Once it's all lined up, start from the middle of each side and work your way around the sides bring over the nylon fabric and turning it under 1/4 inches and pin

When you get the the corners, just tuck them in like so, squaring it off.

Once all 4 sides is pined, your ready to sew. Use a open foot and just sew right next to the edge.

That's it, YOUR DONE!!!!

ready to enjoy!

Thanks Kim for sharing! Be sure to visit her shops.

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Summer said...

Those elephants are soooo cute! And I love that elephant pin cushion.

B. Surfer said...

Nesa! Whoa! I'm not gonna lie.. it's been a while since i've taken a gander at your blog. Sorry. but WOW! It's sooo super cute! Love all the ideas. Love the Guest Speakers. Looks like i need to check in regularly. Super Fun!

Kimberly said...

Great working with you this, it was tons of fun! enjoy your summer...