Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food Storage 3

This is a continuance of the supplemental items for your food storage. I wanted to touch on the dehydration process. I'm really excited to try this out this year. We got my MIL a dehydrator for Christmas, which she was totally excited about, no joke. We have been thinking of items we could do such as banana chips and even beef jerky, yum! I've been on the look out for sales on meat, haven't seen anything good yet, maybe we need to hit up Costco. Anyways here are a few how tos on dehydration.

Meats - I found this really useful link on how to prep the meats and even a recipe or two for the seasonings. (Click on the word meats for the link)

Fruits - Pick the fruits that you and your family will enjoy and that are in season and go from there. These will make yummy, healthy snacks for your food storage. (I found a really helpful chart on different kinds of fruits and how to prep them, just click on fruits)

Veggies - I found that drying veggies is lot easier.

Items that you may need to start this process:
- dehydrator, oven, or the sun
- vacuum seal bags
- air tight containers

** for more info go to this website**

Have fun and try out different things.

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