Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Food Storage 2

This is part two of the mini-series. Today's focus will be on supplemental items that don't come from the grocery store, such as home canning, dehydration and freeze drying. I will start out with canning since it is the most commonly used form of home food storage.


This is a fun hobby to develop to be able to add fresh produce and meats from your own garden, or a nearby farmer's market. Our family has started a garden and it has been a lot of fun watching it grow. Last summer we canned a lot of fresh veggies that helped us get started on our storage. This year our garden is much bigger, thanks to my father-in-law, he kinda went a little crazy this year with the sqaush and tomatoes. hahaha We will not want for pickled sqaush, which by the way it really GOOD!! We are also going to start canning meats, now that we have invested in a pressure canner, we are very excited about it.

If you don't know where to start on canning here are few sites that I have found that can be of some use to you.

How to Can Fruits and Veggies
National Center for Home Food Preservation

You can also visit your local bookstore and pick up a couple books, perferrably ones with recipes, to help you out. Or if you have friends and neighbors that can ask to help them out to learn some of their tricks.

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