Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guest Blogger - Craft-O-Maniac

I am super excited for today's guest blogger. Today's guest is none other than Jennie Larsen from Craft O Maniac! eek! I will now turn the time over to her to share a fun Valentine tutorial.

HEY THERE- I am Jennie from and I am so flattered Danesa invited me to her sweet blog to be spotlights. Today I am showing you my Valentine Cupcake Liner Topiary. I made a Halloween one too Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary? well if you would like to see it, you can click the link. Anyhoo, I decided I wanted to make a smaller one for Valentines. I used the styrofoam balls that are the second ones to the smallest. With the cupcake liners glued on, it makes it larger-but I love the size.

SUPPLIES: small styrofoam balls, small cupcake liners, ribbon, bowl-vase-pot-whatever you decide, hot glue gun, and dowel,.

First paint the dowel, I used a Ink Pad in pink and rubbed it up and down the dowel.

BEST DISCOVERY from yours truly and best TIP EV-AH!!!! I used the same size dowel and wrapped the cupcake liner over it, creating the flat surface for some hot glue. THEN....

using the dowel I pushed the cupcake liner firmly into the styrofoam holding it there for a few secs. Never ever using my fingers, so no burns, no worries.

CONTINUE the process until the ball is fully covered. P.S. I used the dowel the whole time and it even made the process go further. No scrunching up the cupcake liner to glue it on.WINKS!

NEXT, I placed a styrofoam ball in the tea cup and wedged shredded paper around it.

I then stuck the dowel into the center of the styrofoam, adding more shredded paper on top and anywhere else it needed it.


THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR STOP Danesa for this wonderful spotlight.

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