Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giveaway - Holiday Countdown

It's time for another giveaway! I'm so excited to this one. I've been waiting for the last couple of months to do it!

Remember this picture from a few posts back?

Well it is part of my Holiday Giveaway!

A Holiday Countdown or Advent Calendar, whatever you want to call it!!

What was your favorite advent calendar growing up?

Go to my Giveaway Rules on how you can win this fun prize!

You have until Nov 18th to enter. On Friday morning the 19th the winner will be announced.

 photo fb18144b-e71f-461c-8227-67be560ccacf_zps6b3a357f.png


Kirsti said...

Wow! you have updated so much since the last time I've been on. I especially love your purple clips on the thin band. So cute!
My favorite kind of advent calendar I had growing up was a playmobil one. Each day I'd get to open a box and add the toy to the winter scene. So fun.

lisa said...

You have such cute things on here! You are oh so crafty!

My favorite advent calendars are always the ones that include a chocolate treat!