Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutorial and Tip: Decorating for Thanksgiving

I think that I've mentioned before that this is my favorite time of year. So to get me more into the mood of the upcoming holiday season I've been browsing through sites looking for ways to make my home more fun and festive. In my search I was looking at the HGTV website, love all of their ideas and not to metion their channel, and found this:

Creative right!? I would never have thought to add lentils and beans to candles! So I wanted to share it with you.

Materials and Tools:

assortment of miniature, small and medium pumpkins (orange and white foam craft variety)

assortment of pillar candles (green, white, rust and yellow)

double-sided adhesive sheets (available at craft stores)




split peas

dried lentils (various colors and sizes)


pie plates


1. Pour lentils to almost fill pie plates, one color lentil per plate.

2. Cut strips of adhesive to form the band, strips can range from one to three inches wide, depending on the size of the pumpkins. Tip: Visually, it's best if the adhesive strips cover approximately one-third of the pumpkin.

3. Remove one side of paper from the adhesive and wrap around the middle of the pumpkin. Remove the remaining paper backing. Add additional strips of adhesive until there is a continuous band around the middle of the pumpkin.

4. Roll the exposed adhesive in the lentils, pressing the lentils into the adhesive to affix. Use fingers to place additional lentils in areas where they do not completely cover the adhesive.

5. Press all lentils gently to make sure they are secure and repeat for remaining pumpkins.

6. Cut strips of adhesive that equal the height of each candle, minus two inches.

7. Wrap the adhesive around the candles in the same manner as the pumpkins, leaving an inch of candle color exposed at the top and bottom and roll the exposed adhesive in the lentils to cover.

8. To create a colorful tablescape, pour additional lentils onto table in a colorful pattern. Place pumpkins and candles on the bed of lentils. Raise some pumpkins and candles by placing them on stands or candleholders.

Note: To store this decoration for future use, wrap candles and pumpkins in wax paper to keep lentils attached and store in a cool, dry place.

Tip of the Week- Thanksgiving Table setting: For a sophisticated but not over-the-top look, balance the sparkle of metallics with natural elements, like fall branches or fresh fruit.

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