Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tip of the Day: Organizing

Today's tip is for Organizing. I know that trying to organize your things and your home can be daunting, but I have found some useful tips and ideas that can help.

- Store items where you use them. Keeping items where you use them will help you conquer clutter in your home. Here’s why. When you store things where you use them, it is easier to use the item and put it away when you’re finished. This last step, putting the item away, is a critical step in controlling clutter.

- Sort your mail over your garbage can or recycle bin. Junk mail will never make it into your home or on your counter tops!

- Invest in a dozen of your favorite, inexpensive pens and a small cutlery tray to avoid constantly searching for pens. Keep the tray, filled with pens, in a drawer near the phone.

- Get more mileage out of the horizontal space in your bedroom with sliding or rolling under bed storage bins. It's a great extension of your closet, allowing you to rotate your seasonal items or even store bigger, bulkier items like backpacks, purses and blankets. Plus, the storage hidden if you have a bedskirt. Stick a label on the outside of each container so when you peek under the bed you'll know exactly what you're looking at. (from HGTV.com)

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